NFL player: Carson Wentz makes Bears ‘Super Bowl contender'


Stop me if you've heard this before, an NFL pundit thinks adding this lone player makes the Bears a Super Bowl contender.

This time, it's former Pro Bowl linebacker Bart Scott talking about the Eagles potentially trading Carson Wentz to the Bears.

"I know Wentz [didn't have] the best season last year, but com'n, Mitchell Trubisky? This is a great upgrade." Scott said on ESPN's Get Up.

"...If he goes to Chicago, that makes Chicago, I believe, a Super Bowl contender.:

Mike Greenberg had to ask him repeat it because he was absolutely shocked. Scott added the "Colts as well."

Scott noted the Eagles were a team that got old because they went all in for a Super Bowl.

"You think about getting him protection," Scott said. "This is a man who was sacked 50 times because he has nobody to throw to, he had no protection and a average run game."

Uh.... have you seen the Bears?

Their Bears offensive line was atrocious, though the unit improved in the second half of the season. To be fair, season-ending injuries to James Daniels and Bobby Massie hurt, but this wasn't exactly the best offensive line group in the NFL.

The Bears hardly run the ball and this was a point of contention among the fanbase all season. And while an injury forced the Bears' hands, they utilized a wide receiver/kick return specialist as a running back.

And who is he going to throw to in Chicago? The Bears' best wide receiver Allen Robinson is headed to free agency and it doesn't seem like a reunion is going to happen as badly as fans want A-Rob to stay. Darnell Mooney had an outstanding rookie season and will be here at least, but without A-Rob the group looks thin.

We've heard this before, most recently with Nick Foles.

"You can't rule out a Super Bowl for the Bears," ESPN's Max Kellerman said after Foles took over the starting job and the Bears were 4-1.

And we all know how that ended... Foles oversaw an extended losing streak that brought Mitch Trubisky back onto the field off the bench.

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