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NFL power rankings: Bears hold their destiny in their hands


Here are the Overreaction NFL Power Rankings as we turn the page on Week 16, looking ahead to Week 17 and the playoff push.But remember the rules, these are overreaction power rankings. We haven't had time to go back and watch every game, just watched a lot of Red Zone. And we take it one week at a time.

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It was legitimately hard to tell if the crowd's excitement came from Bears fans who traveled or Jags fans who knew a loss earned them Trevor Lawrence.


In their defense, Zach Wilson is WAY more of a Jets QB than Trevor Lawrence is.


Who cares, it's the NFC East.


Amazing how late-season winning is celebrated when you already have your QB in place. What a concept!


Next week dictates whether the Giants pick 3rd overall or win the NFC East. This stopped being fun weeks ago, just end all our misery.


Can they cut Dwayne Haskins right now?


Jerry Jeudy had *five* drops on Sunday. That's it. That's the tweet.


Turns out playing Tom Brady without, like, any of your coaches available is sorta tough!


Every Falcons game is different, and yet somehow they're all the same. Poor Younghoe Koo.


JJ Watt screaming at his teammates through a press conference was, what? A top 5 Texans moment this year? Top 3?


What's more bleak: the production from all their high draft picks, or knowing that Gruden's sticking around for another half decade?


It's WILD how good Shaq Thompson is at football compared to how bad he is at baseball. Seriously, look it up.


Getting beat by the Bills twice in one season will be a necessary lesson in how the NFL works for Patriots fans. It does indeed suck to suck.


The Browns answered the long-wondered question on what would happen if a QB really just had to throw to "a bunch of guys."


We only get one more game of Justin Herbert in those great uniforms this year :(


It's nice of him to say it outloud, but we didn't need Mike Zimmer to tell us this is the worst defense he's ever had. We know, man.


These are over reaction rankings so we'll just say the Titans are cooked and probably won't ever win again. Tough!


If a team loses all playoff hopes in embarrassing fashion but no one sees it because it was Amazon Prime Video, did it even happen?


John Wolford starting with their playoff hopes on the line, what could go wrong? Quick: what college did Wolford play for? No cheating.


Credit where credit's due: Robbie Gould tried his absolute hardest to ruin the Bears once again. And it almost worked!


Win and they're in! And all they have to do is beat a motivated Aaron Rodgers, which will surely go fine.


A win over Cincinnati next week and the Ravens avoid the infamous 10-win 3rd place finish.


If you squint hard enough at Fitzmagic, you'll barely even notice Miami absolutely wrecking their future QB's confidence week after week!


They get the Jaguars next week and could still be the 3rd 11-5 non-playoff team in NFL history. Somehow the odds are both for and against them?


Roethlisberger vs Rivers was a wonderful trip down memory lane for an entire generation of fans who find them both insufferable.


You knew they were going to wrap up the division when Wilson showed up in the Kobe Grinches.


Dropping down to the 3 seed on a day they didn't play is brutal, but at least they get a Bill Belichick team with nothing to lose tomorr – oh.


So uh are we sure KC is really good? Pat Mahomes makes all things better, but they just like ... never turned it on this year.


It's almost not fair that Tom and Co. got the Lions as a playoff tuneup. Que up the Golden Boy conspiracies!


For a just a little bit of time on Friday, the world was united in their joy of winning a fantasy title thanks solely to Alvin Kamara.


Aaron Rodgers is the MVP and that should absolutely terrify Bears fans

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