Peyton Manning baptized as a Bears fan, exclaims Packers suck


It’s Packers-Bears week with the clash set to kickoff the NFL’s 100th season and everyone is getting in the spirit.

That includes soon-to-be Hall of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning, who went to Soldier Field for the latest episode of Peyton’s Place.

There he encountered the iconic Superfans who were ready to indoctrinate Manning into Chicago Bears football super-fandom while Manning wears a Walter Payton jersey.

“Peyton the lesser, do you believe in Halas, the Papa Bear almighty,” the superfans recite. ”And in Iron Mike Ditka, his only son, who was conceived by the Holy Spirit and suffered under Mike McCaskey... “Who descended into the hell that is Dallas but rose again and ascended into heaven, otherwise known as a certain city where the meat stuff the streets, Chicago, IL?”

“Do you believe in beers before noon, the holy sweetness and brats everlasting?”

Peyton responds affirmatively, with a hint of hesitation. “Well then Peyton, in the name of the Papa, the Ditka, and the 46 defense, I baptize thee into this Italian beef juice and out as a Bears superfan,” they end with.

Then in a thing of beauty, Manning emerges with a glorious mustache, some aviators and exclaims “Packers suck!”

Welcome to the bandwagon Peyton. When are you changing the spelling of your first name?

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