Studs and Duds from Bears' Week 5 loss to Raiders


There are many reasons why the Chicago Bears lost to the Oakland Raiders, 24-21, in Sunday's Week 5 game in London. Terrible offensive line play, a defense that crashed back down to earth and a team travel schedule that didn't do its players any favors immediately come to mind.

Jon Gruden outcoached Matt Nagy and Derek Carr outplayed Chase Daniel. Believe it or not, the Raiders defense (and its pass rush) outplayed the Bears.

Still, there were some strong performances by Bears players that should be acknowledged. Here are Week 5's Studs and Duds.

STUD: WR Allen Robinson

A-Rob continues to be the life-force behind the Bears' anemic offense, which didn't fare much better against the Raiders. He ended the game with seven catches for 97 yards and two touchdowns, his first two scores of the season, and continues to get stronger as the season progresses. Robinson is on pace for over 1,200 yards and six touchdowns, stats that are remarkable considering how bad the passing game has been.

DUD: RB David Montgomery

The Bears offensive line will get most of the blame for the team's inability to run the ball, and rightfully so. But at some point, Montgomery has to flash; he needs to turn nothing into something. Otherwise, the upgrade he was expected to offer over Jordan Howard simply isn't there. The good news is it usually takes rookie running backs a few weeks to assimilate to the blend of patience and burst that's required in the NFL. He has the character and natural ability to become a really effective player, but his 11 carries for 25 yards (and a TD) simply wasn't good enough in a game that required some ball-control offense.

STUD: WR Anthony Miller (kind of)

Miller (the playmaker) finally showed up Sunday with four catches for 52 yards, including an incredible 32-yard reception in the third quarter in which he 'my-balled' the defensive back down the sideline. Bears fans saw, in that one play, what makes Miller so potentially special as a receiver in this offense. He just hasn't had the targets to make it happen. But he also has to prove he deserves to be on the field. Miller's costly unsportsmanlike conduct penalty following Robinson's touchdown was a backbreaker. 

DUD: OLB Khalil Mack

Where was the multi-sack game? Where was the game-wrecking play? Where was Mack, in general? Sure, he recovered the bizarre Derek Carr-to-Josh Jacobs fumble in the third quarter, but he was pretty much a non-factor aside from that one play. He was credited with just three tackles and while it may seem sacrilegious to suggest Mack was a dud, he was. It's especially true considering all the extra motivation he entered this game with. He just didn't show up.

STUD: DB Sherrick McManis

McManis was a huge reason why the Bears' comeback attempt continued in the second half. His perfectly executed 'Peanut Punch' stalled a Raiders drive at the Bears' one-yard line and kept hope alive for Chicago. The long-time special-teams ace has never really gotten the credit he deserves as a defensive back, so it was nice to see him make such a critical play late in the game.

DUD: OT Charles Leno, Jr.

The entire Bears offensive line was downright brutal, but Leno, Jr. was atrocious. He leads all NFL offensive linemen in penalties this season and it continued against the Raiders. His lack of discipline to start the year is surprising, considering how well he's played the last few seasons. He needs to get back to his 2018 form in order for Chicago's offense to stand a chance in what is setting up to be a very difficult stretch of games kicking off in Week 7.

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