(Too) Bold Predictions: You get a defensive touchdown! YOU get a defensive touchdown! Everyone gets a defensive touchdown!


(Too) Bold Predictions aims to take nuanced, well-researched information and use it to make wildly improbable predictions. Analysis! 

J.J. Stankevitz 1. Khalil Mack will have a touchdown.
It wouldn't be too bold to say Mack will have a bunch of sacks or force a few fumbles against his former team, since after all, that's what he does every week. So the bold prediction here is Mack will score a touchdown in some way, shape or form. How about this: Mack bats a pass from his good friend Derek Carr in the air, and catches it while Carr makes a futile effort to tackle him. Where have I seen that before?

2. David Montgomery will rush for over 100 yards.
The Raiders' run defense has actually been pretty good this year, ranking ninth in DVOA. But middle linebacker Vontaze Burfict is suspended for the rest of the season, and the team isn't too happy about it -- perhaps to the point where they'll be a little off their game, especially in defending the run. The Bears' run blocking has been sub-par this year, but Matt Nagy would do well to stick to giving the ball to Montgomery to alleviate some pressure on backup quarterback Chase Daniel. Do that, and Montgomery will come away with his best game as a pro. 

Cam Ellis 
1. Roquan Smith has a bigger box score day than Khalil Mack. 
Jon Gruden was asked about Khalil Mack earlier in the week and immediately - without ever mentioning Mack's name - pivoted into a compliment of Leonard Floyd. If you're one for rumors or conspiracy theories, the idea that Oakland vehemently lobbied the NFL to take Mack's return game overseas sounds extremely on-brand. I think Gruden sells out to make sure Mack doesn't make impact plays, which of course frees up the other 55 great players on the Bears' defense. Smith had been having a stellar year up until a personal issue kept him out of their win over Minnesota. The guess here is that while Oakland blocks Mack with four offensive lineman and two running backs, Smith and a blitz-happy Chuck Pagano take advantage. 

2. Eddie Jackson gets his first interception of the year ... and then gets another one
It seems like Jackson's barely missed 3-4 interceptions this year already. The Raiders passing game is leaves a fair bit to be desired, and Jackson is around the ball far too often to still not have a turnover. If the Bears can get on the Raiders early and force them to pass their way out of a hole, Jackson's going to eat.

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