Under Center Podcast: Football Aftershow crew reviews 2019 Bears season


After a rough year, the Bears are reviewing their season to discuss what went wrong in 2019. The Football Aftershow crew of Laurence Holmes, Olin Kruetz, Lance Briggs, Matt Forte, and Alex Brown does it for them. Now how do we get them to listen?

(2:00) - Biggest problem with the 2019 Bears

(6:50) - The problems with the offense

(10:40) - Bears aren't built to power run

(12:30) - Blame game within the Bears organization

(15:40) - What defenses have done to stop Nagy and Trubisky

(18:40) - Is there enough QB in Mitch Trubisky to salvage?

(21:10) - Trubisky isn't worried about his job enough

(24:00) - Can the Bears be honest about who Mitch is?

(28:00) - Chuck Pagano vs. Vic Fangio

Listen to the entire episode here or in the embedded player below.

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