Tom Brady

Retired Tom Brady beats his 40-yard dash time from 2000 NFL Combine

The seven-time Super Bowl champ beat his time from 24 years ago

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Tom Brady has countless memorable NFL moments -- some for the wrong reason, though.

Like most NFL players, seven-time Super Bowl champion's professional football journey kicked off at the NFL Scouting Combine. In 2000, he posted a 40-yard dash time of 5.28 seconds, which stood as the slowest time for a quarterback at the combine for more than a decade.

With the NFL Combine returning to Indianapolis this week, Brady set out for some redemption.

The 46-year-old took to the 40 once again to see if he could beat his 22-year-old self in a race. Like most of the challenges in his NFL career, he succeeded. Brady had a pair of stopwatches on him, with one clocking him at 5.18 seconds and the other at 5.12.

Check it out for yourself:

"24 years later, redemption is spelled T O M," Brady wrote on social media.

Now, even if Brady takes the faster of those two times, it wouldn't exactly be considered fast on an NFL field. Tyson Bagent, now of the Chicago Bears, posted the slowest 40 time among quarterbacks at the 2023 NFL Combine with a time of 4.78. Then again, many quarterbacks opt against running the 40 in Indy all together, while Brady embraced the run once again.

Brady is set to begin his broadcasting career with FOX this fall, but he may get some calls from NFL teams if he keeps up his conditioning.

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