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Michael Jordan sends tribute video to Chris Chelios for his jersey retirement ceremony

MJ was unable to make the ceremony because of a death in the family

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Unfortunately, a dear friend of Chris Chelios, Michael Jordan, couldn't make it to Chicago for the former's jersey retirement ceremony at the United Center. Jordan says in the video he encountered a death in the family.

Instead, Jordan sent Chelios a message, congratulating him on his accomplishment.

"Hey, man, unfortunately, Chelios, I can't make it again this week," Jordan said. "I tried for the Ring of Honor. I couldn't make it then. I had a death in the family for Sunday. Look, you're a very deserving man, and I'm proud to see your jersey up there with my jersey. You and I have been friends for 30 years, so I wish you the best. I send a bunch of love, you know, go Blackhawks!"

Earlier last week, it was rumored Michael Jordan would be in attendance for Chris Chelios' jersey retirement ceremony, but he couldn't make it. The Bulls superstar sent a video congratulating him that was played for the United Center crowd

Chelios made sure to mention Jordan in his jersey retirement speech, depicting the strong relationship the two have dating back 30 years.

"And we go of course to Michael Jordan, who became a dear friend of mine. Without a doubt, the king," Chelios said.

"And that old phrase they use 'I want to be like Mike,' well, I really did want to be like Mike. And one thing I did, which I hadn't done previously in my career, was train properly. And I just watched him after every game with Tim Grove, his trainer. And I thought to myself, well, if Michael's got a trainer that might be my edge. I'll get a trainer."

Chelios mentioned back then the Bulls and Blackhawks hung out a lot. They started going out to similar places and creating relationships with each other. Chelios even said they used to scrimmage each other, except Jordan was "too smart" to give in and play.

Similarly, as Jordan mentioned, he didn't make it to Chicago for the Bulls' Ring of Honor ceremony. Then, he sent a video message played at the United Center in place of his absence. And yet again, his presence at the United Center was missed. This time, however, Dennis Rodman attended the event. (He also missed the Ring of Honor event.)

But Chelios isn't hurt that Jordan couldn't make it. He said they'll celebrate soon enough together.

"I saw him a couple of weeks ago and we talked," Chelios said. "It doesn't matter. He's here in spirit. I'm hanging in the rafters with his jersey. We talked about that. We spoke yesterday and he's always been there for me. He was there for the Hall of Fame, he came in. Just something came up and we'll celebrate on his boat next week."

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