Cubs manager Joe Maddon trolls MLB safety rules, proposes cup checks, face masks and banning headfirst slides


ST. LOUIS – Joe Maddon trolled Major League Baseball officials while waiting to hear from the New York headquarters about his pointed criticism of the slide rule. 
"I'm looking forward to it," Maddon said Sunday at Busch Stadium. "I have some other additions to it. I had to think about it some more. I thought of other ways for protectionism." 
The Cubs manager didn't exactly walk back his comments after Saturday's 5-3 loss, Maddon fuming over the automatic double play awarded the St. Louis Cardinals once Ian Happ slid past second base, wiping out a run scored and a potential fifth-inning rally.

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Maddon ran with a throwaway follow-up question near the end of a pregame media session that lasted almost 20 minutes.
"I think we should consider now eliminating the headfirst slide to protect base runners, because that is really a dangerous slide," Maddon said. "You hurt your hand. Your eye could be poked out. There are all these different things that could occur on the headfirst slide. 
"I think face masks should be mandatory for all hitters. And pitchers have been hit with line drives several times up the middle, so I think pitchers should now be forced to wear helmets. 
"The other day, we're playing in Colorado and (Charlie) Blackmon was in the on-deck circle and their pitcher was late and he got smoked. I think there should be a cage in the on-deck circle now, so on-deck guys could stand behind the screen and not get hurt.
"And finally, even when I coached third base in the minor leagues, I always wore a cup. I was always concerned, so I think there needs to be a cup check as players run onto the field now, in order to prevent the potential for the loss of future families."
The Maddon Plan could become the extension of The Buster Posey Rule and The Chase Utley Rule.  
"I'm on board with protectionism," Maddon said. "No more headfirst slides. Face masks, helmets, cage, cup check on a daily basis."

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