Home Run Inn

Yes, really: Home Run Inn to debut ‘beer pizza' at Wrigley Field this week

Home Run Inn

One of Chicago’s most-famous pizza brands is serving up a wild new menu item this summer, including at the Friendly Confines of Wrigley Field.

According to a press release, Home Run Inn has partnered with the Chicago Cubs on a new savory “Beer Pizza” for fans to enjoy this summer.

“A great beer and a great pizza are so often enjoyed together, we thought it would be fun to create that favorite taste in one bite,” senior VP Gina Bolger said in a statement. “The Home Run Inn family of 75 years is excited to celebrate all things Chicago.”

The pizza, which is non-alcoholic for those curious, evokes flavor notes similar to wheat ale beer, according to the company.

The menu offering will be available beginning Wednesday night at Wrigley Field, and can be purchased at select concession stands throughout the ballpark.

The “Beer Pizza” will also be available at Home Run Inn restaurants for a limited time only, the company said.

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