David Ross goes full Magic Mike…to the horror of Anthony Rizzo


Anthony Rizzo may have a tough time getting some sleep this week, but not because the buzz of a new season has reached its peak.

No, it was David Ross' "Dancing with the Stars" routine Monday night that may give Rizzo nightmares:

That's because Grandpa Rossy went full Magic Mike, to the point where he even gave his partner Lindsay Arnold a brief lap dance and also sported some six-pack abs*:

Rizzo told Ross two weeks ago in his DWTS debut he set the bar too high for himself, but Grandpa Rossy has upped the ante.

Here's the clip of Ross' dance, set to 50 Cent's "Candy Shop":

Ross did give Rizzo — and everybody else — fair warning that his Monday night routine was PG-13:

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