Manfred vows ‘good faith' proposal in next labor meeting


MLB commissioner Rob Manfred vowed the league will make a "good-faith" proposal in the next labor negotiation with the players union.

"We are going to make a good-faith, positive proposal [Saturday] in an effort to move the process forward," Manfred told reporters Thursday. "Whether or not that happens is a product of the process. I just don't know.

"It's a good proposal."

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That was in response to a question about how significant the league's next offer will be to help assure progress in order to start the season on time. Manfred met the media at the quarterly owners meetings in Florida on Thursday.

Whether MLB is willing to move closer to the union and how much looks especially critical as a delay to spring training looks increasingly likely amid the league-implemented lockout. Camps are scheduled to open next week, and Opening Day is scheduled for March 31.

Few expect significant enough progress to result in an agreement this weekend. The league and union have met four times since the lockout began in early December and are far apart on key issues.

Management has been criticized by players across the game for not bargaining in good faith to this point. Cubs starter Marcus Stroman tweeted this week Manfred is "ruining the game of baseball."

In a livestream on his Twitch channel last weekend, Mets reliever Trevor May said, "This is not going to be a good-faith negotiation. Not a single negotiation with [Manfred] has been in good faith. He doesn't do good-faith things."

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But if Manfred is sincere, progress actually could be made this weekend on the path to a new labor deal.

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