Report: MLB plans to start on time, play full 162-game season


After having one season disrupted by COVID-19, MLB aims to get back on track for a full 162-game campaign in 2021 according to Bob Nightengale.

According to Nightengale’s report, MLB wanted to push back the start of the season a month to give players and fans more time to get vaccinated. However, the player’s association pushed back saying they would not accept anything less than 100% of their pay for the season.

Last season the schedule was capped at 60 games, with players taking a 63% pay cut. However, several outbreaks among teams led to dozens of postponed games and scheduling headaches. In addition, both the Detroit Tigers and St. Louis Cardinals ended up not playing their full slate of 60 games.

Opening Day is scheduled for Apr. 1, with all 30 MLB teams set to play the same day. The White Sox are scheduled to begin their season on the road against the Angels, while the Cubs will open the season hosting the Pirates.

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