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Sammy Sosa returns to Chicago, reflecting on illustrious career with Cubs

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Like a tape measure home run, time has a way of flying. A perfect example? It’s been 17 years since Sammy Sosa last made a trip to Chicago, until now.

“Last time I was here was in 2007 when I was playing with the Texas Rangers,” Sosa said during an appearance Friday morning on The Steve Cochran Show (WLS-890 AM).

Sosa, who’s now 55 years-old, is in town for The Chicago Sports Spectacular, an autograph and collectibles show going on this weekend in Rosemont. Coming back to the city where he became world famous made Sosa feel right at home.

“Back in Chicago, for me, is something incredible,” Sosa said with a smile. “I feel great. To be back here, feel the love, all the fans that were always behind me, I’m grateful.”

As Sosa sat inside the radio studios, he acted like his fun-loving self, but at 55 years-old, he also reflected.

“In the past, probably, I did it my way, and maybe I made some mistakes,” Sosa admitted on the radio. “But now that I have my two feet on the ground, I’m a better person to handle any conversation.”

Sosa is the only player in Major League Baseball history to hit 60 or more homers in a season three different times. He won an MVP in 1998. He made seven All-Star appearances. And he did it all wearing a Cubs uniform. Still, the team barely celebrates his accomplishments, and he has no affiliation with the organization.

In the past, owner Tom Ricketts has said Sosa needs to be honest about his alleged use of performance enhancing drugs. Sosa may have admitted to making some mistakes, but he wouldn’t admit to using PEDs.

Despite that, he hopes his relationship with the Cubs can eventually be patched-up. He even said during his appearance on The Steve Cochran Show, “We’re getting close.”

“I don’t determine any of that. I’m here, I’m available, and let’s see what happens. I think it’s going to happen, but in time,” the former slugger said.

When contacted to see if Ricketts or the Cubs have a response, team spokesperson Julian Green said, “There’s nothing new to report.”

Regardless of what happens, Sosa says he loves Cubs fans and the City of Chicago, and that will never change.

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