Seattle Mariners drag Steve Bartman into 2020 baseball season with bad joke


For some unknown reason, the Seattle Mariners have dragged Steve Bartman back into the national spotlight. The team put a cardboard cut out of Bartman in the stands on Sunday, around the same area where he infamously interfered with Moises Alou in the 2003 playoffs.

It’s not the funniest move on the Mariners’ part. What does Bartman even have to do with either of these teams?

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Much has been made of how Alou and Cubs fans turned Bartman into a scapegoat, even though if he hadn't touched the ball three other fans in the area surely would have. We all know how nasty it got. Bartman has made it clear he wants to live a private life. Why bring all of that back into baseball, 17 years later?

Seems especially odd that it’s the Mariners throwing shade since they haven’t won a World Series since **checks notes** oh, right they’ve never won a World Series.

The irony isn’t lost that this post perpetuates the story, and in a way keeps Bartman in the spotlight a little longer. But hopefully if the joke falls flat, Bartman cutouts, memes, etc. won’t continue to pop up every season or two.

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