Stephen Piscotty gets the Scott Sterling treatment after painfully wild inning against Cubs


It may only be Game 2, but Stephen Piscotty already has plenty to see the Cardinals trainer about.

Piscotty had quite possibly the most painful inning in baseball history Tuesday night when he was hit on an elbow with a Jake Arrieta pitch, struck on the other elbow with a Willson Contreras throw and then smacked in the helmet with a Javy Baez toss.


The full video is over at, too.

Thankfully, Piscotty appears to be OK despite having to leave the game:

RT Ohio put together an absolutely perfect mash-up of Piscotty and internet star Scott Sterling, the hero of Studio C videos that feature him saving soccer and volleyball games with his face:

Here's the Sterling soccer video:

And here's the Sterling volleyball one, just for funsies:


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