Landing spots for Danks, Floyd, Quentin


Jon Morosi of FOX Sports sees the coming week being incredibly busy, with many trades "in the works" and GMs looking to finish up making major transactions before Christmas. With that in mind, he listed the usual trio of White Sox players who have seen their names pop up in trade rumors this winter and predicts where they could go:

John Danks: Morosi still sees the Yankees as the favorite to land him, but also lists the Reds, Royals, Rangers, Rockies and Twins as teams in need of left-handed pitching. The Reds are probably out after picking up Mat Latos from San Diego, while Kenny Williams may not want to deal with divisional opponents in Kansas City and Minnesota. So that leaves the Yankees, Rangers and Rockies.

Gavin Floyd: Boston is the only team Morosi lists as a suitor for Floyd, although he's Plan B if the Red Sox can't get Gio Gonzalez or Matt Garza. Based on the general trend of rumors this offseason, Floyd's name hasn't come up as much as Danks, and there seems to be a prevailing thought that the Sox would rather hang on to Floyd than Danks.

Carlos Quentin: For whatever reason, Morosi doesn't think too highly of Quentin -- a guy who's produced good-to-great offensive seasons in three of his four years with the Sox. The Giants, Mariners, Indians or Red Sox are seen as a fit, although Cleveland isn't likely given their status as a divisional opponent and Boston has inquired about Quentin only to find there isn't a match with the Sox.

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