Sox Drawer: Hitting Lesson from Paul Konerko


Thursday, Jan. 14, 2010
7:59 PM

If you come to Glendale, Arizona to play in the White Sox Fantasy Camp (which I highly recommend), with the exception of the salary, the fame, the travel and the talent, you almost feel like a Major League Baseball player.

That is until Sox first baseman Paul Konerko shows up and puts you in your place.

Paul came by to meet with the campers, sign autographs, take pictures and later ... make fun of yours truly while giving me a lesson in the batting cage.

The good news: I exceeded his expectations.

The bad news: the bar was low. Extremely low. Apparently an ant could have done the limbo under this bar.

Maybe a centipede.

So without further adieu, here's a glimpse of our hitting session. We'll have a full story on this next week on SportsNite.

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