Tim Anderson

Tim Anderson gives opinion on future with the White Sox

Tim Anderson gave his opinion on a possible contract extension with the White Sox

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With a $14-million club option for 2024 in the balance, White Sox shortstop Tim Anderson took a neutral stance while addressing his future in Chicago.

Anderson joined “The Pivot Podcast” Monday and was asked about his desire to stay or leave the White Sox organization.

“I understand the business,” Anderson said. “If they want to keep me, then cool. And if they don’t, then cool either way.

“My time is coming. I’m going to be patient and just continue to keep working. Whatever is for me is going to come to me anyway.”

Anderson also voiced a preference to remain at shortstop but said he’d be open to switching positions once he signs a contract.

“I got to get my check for where I’ve been at right now, and I’ve been at short,” Anderson said. “We can talk after you pay me as a shortstop or handle me as a shortstop. Then maybe we can talk after if that’s the fact of second base being an option. But for the most part, I’m a shortstop.”

The two-time All-Star is struggling this season, batting .263 with 10 RBIs and no home runs in 46 games.

If those numbers are similar in the second half, Anderson might not be the only one with a “take it or leave it” stance on an extension on the South Side.

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