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WATCH: White Sox lose on abhorrent interference call, internet goes nuts

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Thursday's game between the Chicago White Sox and Baltimore Orioles ended on one of the more bizarre calls you'll ever see.

Down 8-2 in the final frame, the White Sox rallied with four runs in the bottom of the ninth and had an opportunity to win the game with runners on first and second with one out.

Andrew Benintendi swung for an infield pop-out, and Andrew Vaughn leisurely walked back to second base as the shortstop, Gunner Henderson, moved to make the catch. The umpire called interference on Vaughn, who unintentionally (not to mention barely) stepped in the path of Henderson.

Fans on social media immediately went after the umpire for calling interference on a play that would have been ruled an out whether the ball was caught or not due to the infield fly rule. Whether or not Vaughn actually interfered with the shortstop was debatable, too.

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