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White Sox bench coach Charlie Montoyo plays congas at the Cubby Bear

Charlie Montoyo has two songs out with his agent, Burton Rocks.

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The Chicago White Sox bench coach, Charlie Montoyo, has a life outside of baseball.

One facet of his life off the field includes playing the congas in a band with his agent, Burton Rocks, according to a story done by

Montoyo recently performed at the Cubby Bear, a popular bar on the same street as Wrigley Field. He played the congas onstage with the band on "Salsa Sunday," after the White Sox returned from a series against the Detroit Tigers on May 28.

Rocks and Montoyo have two LPs out on Spotify and Apple Music. Take Me Out to the Ballgame and El Ritmo de Béisbol are two songs that live with Montoyo's congas in them. Other members of the songs include T.D. William and Marlene, Rocks' mother.

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Montoyo, according to the story, recorded his part in the songs at his home in Tuscon, Ariz. He sent his part to Rocks, who edited and put the songs together at a studio in Arizona.

"What happened was I said to Charlie, 'It’s never been done before,'" Rocks told "Why don’t we come up with a conga version of 'Take Me Out to the Ballgame.' Keep the American lyrics but do it based on a conga rhythm. He thought that could be really cool, so that’s what we did.

"'El Ritmo de Béisbol,' [is] totally instrumental and our own creation. It’s a longer version of what you would want as a walk-up song. I call music the universal language. It can create so much love across the world, you have no idea."

Rocks hopes to book a ballpark tour "where songs are performed live or performed at various charity events." That's his long-term outlook for the band. Montoyo says he tries to find a place to play music anywhere he goes.

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