White Sox Talk Podcast: Philip Humber on the dark side of pitching a perfect game


Pitching a perfect game in the majors is a feat only 23 people have done in the 150-plus years of baseball and Philip Humber is one of them. You would think it would propel a great career going forward but, according to Humber, it essentially brought an end to his career. Host Chuck Garfien is joined by Humber to discuss what that moment was like and what happened to his career after he completed one of the greatest feats in sports.

(2:40) - How often does the perfect game follow Humber?

(13:35) - Was Humber satisfied with how the perfect game ended?

(25:45) - Humber's interactions with his teammates during the perfect game

(35:30) - What prevented Humber from progressing in his career?

(49:15) - When did he find peace with how his career ultimately ended?

Listen to the full episode in the embedded player below:

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