This Tampa Bay Rays pitcher looks just like Cillian Murphy

The resemblance between Tyler Glasnow and Murphy is uncanny

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Cillian Murphy and Tyler Glasnow have a strikingly similar appearance.

Now pitching for the Tampa Bay Rays … Cillian Murphy?

No, but that’s what it looks like whenever Tyler Glasnow steps on the mound.

The 29-year-old righty made his MLB debut in 2016 and has been pitching in Tampa Bay since 2018. Still, his greatest claim to fame for casual baseball fans is how much he looks like the Irish actor.

The Rays played off those similarities to get in on a Twitter joke with Murphy’s newest movie, “Oppenheimer,” opening in theaters.

There are, of course, many differences between Glasnow and Murphy. Glasnow is 18 years younger than Murphy and stands more than a foot taller at 6-foot-8. Odds are Murphy can’t throw a 96 mph fastball, either, while we also don't know much about Glasnow's acting chops.

Fans still can’t get over the similar appearances, though:

Glasnow celebrated Murphy’s “Oppenheimer” premiere with a solid outing Thursday night. He surrendered just two earned runs across seven innings, though the Rays lost to the Baltimore Orioles in extra innings.

The stars of "Oppenheimer" left the London premiere of the film early on Thursday as the SAG-AFTRA strike was announced.
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