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Brandon Miller reveals head-scratching choice for his NBA GOAT

Miller chose a surprising player ahead of LeBron James and Michael Jordan

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Brandon Miller may be great at basketball, but his outlook on the professional game has come into question with the 2023 NBA Draft on the horizon.

Asked about his stance on the Michael Jordan-LeBron James debate, Miller gave his take on the NBA’s GOAT, and it’s one you’ll probably need to hear to believe.

“I actually don’t think LeBron is the GOAT of basketball,” Miller said. “My GOAT of basketball is Paul George.”

Yes, he really said that.

George has put together a strong NBA resume, which includes eight All-Star selections, six All-NBA selections and four All-Defensive Team selections. Jordan and James, however, are in a completely different stratosphere, combining for 10 NBA titles, nine MVP awards and 33 All-Star nods.

Miller has been able to watch James through his 20-year career – he was 11 months old when James made his NBA debut with the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2003. Jordan’s championship heyday was well over by the time Miller was born, but the Chicago Bulls legend has gotten to see the Alabama forward grow as a player.

Jordan’s Charlotte Hornets own the No. 2 pick in the 2023 draft, and the team reportedly is leaning towards Miller for its selection. Miller got to meet Jordan during a workout, and he was still eager to meet the six-time NBA champion.

“It’s definitely exciting,” he said. “He’s Michael Jordan.”

Still, Miller wasn’t impressed by everything he saw during his time with Jordan.

“I’ve seen him airball a free throw,” he said.

Even if he is selected by the Hornets on Thursday, Jordan would not be Miller’s employer for long. The Hornets announced on Friday that Jordan is selling his majority stake in the franchise, though he will still be in charge when the Hornets make their No. 2 selection.

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