Billy Donovan

Billy Donovan addresses hot seat rumors, but he's not going anywhere

The Bulls' head coach was asked about his job status. He didn't shy away from owning his mistakes

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Barring another suboptimal season for the Bulls, change could be on the horizon.

The Bulls' front office has preached continuity for now a third straight season. They've kept the same core and have made marginal updates, including the 3-point and defensive-centric additions of Jevon Carter and Torrey Craig this offseason.

But there's one man who hasn't been able to gel the Bulls optimally without Lonzo Ball on the floor.

That man is Billy Donovan.

He was asked about the rumors concerning his job security as the Bulls face yet another crucial season begging for success; but Donovan didn't shy away from the question, showing an understanding of his work and the industry as a whole.

"I always look at it that I'm placing pressure on myself to try to help our guys and our team play to the very best of their ability," Donovan said. "I totally get and understand it's a result-oriented business. I don't think that, however, my relations with Arturas [Karnisovas], with Mark [Eversley], or Jerry [Reinsdorf], my goal changes how I go about each and every day."

There's one caveat to the concern of Donovan's status: how the Bulls view their head coach.

The Bulls are strong allies of Donovan's. Before the start of last season, the organization signed him to a multi-year contract extension, adding several years to the two years remaining from his initial contract.

You don't do that with the thought of relieving him anytime soon. That doesn't mean, however, Donovan hasn't figured out how to properly strategize the Bulls. He'd be the first to admit the Bulls haven't figured it out on his watch.

"I would say as players make mistakes on the floor, as a head coach, I make mistakes too," Donovan said. "I try to own those and figure out ways to get better. I know going forward I'm not going to be perfect but I know I'm gonna work to do what's best for the team."

Over Donovan's three seasons in Chicago, so far, the Bulls have ranked 22nd, 14th and 21st in the NBA in offense, respectively. The Bulls ranked 30th, 30th and 17th in 3-pointers attempted over that same time frame, too.

There's a clear disconnect behind the arc; hence, the reason for bringing in Carter and Craig.

Still, expectations remain high. The front office has fought tooth and nail for this group and it's up to Donovan to execute their plan on the floor. But he understands the expectations from the outside, too.

"I understand the expectation wherever you're at," Donovan said. "For most of my life as a player, and as a coach, there's always been criticism. There always is and there always will be. That's just what it is ... I'm always gonna do what's best for the team."

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