DeMar DeRozan

DeMar DeRozan illustrates the dormant recovery routine that helps him stay healthy, play more

DeRozan told the media he takes five-hour naps

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How much is too much sleep that one would consider the duration of a nap versus actual sleep?

DeMar DeRozan briefly illustrated his recovery routine that has helped him play over 36,000 minutes in 1,062 games. And it includes a lot of sleep (naps?).

“I feel good, better than expected. I’ve always done a great job of trying to take care of myself physically,” DeRozan said. “Even now, just doing extra stuff, a lot of stuff that a lot of people just don’t know or realize that I do after games, on off days. Come in, get treatment, take care of yourself, come back later and do whatever. Sometimes at home do stuff. So just stay on top of it as much as I can.

“I don’t do nothing else. I don’t hang out. Once I go home, I’m home. I rest and I’m off my feet, chilling. I’m with my kids, watching TV or taking a 5-hour nap. So I stay on top of it.”

Five-hour naps? Isn't that ... sleeping?

Either way, DeRozan's availability and perennial health in the NBA deserve a hat tip. He's never played under 60 games in a single season. He averages just over 70 games per season in the now almost 15 seasons he's played in.

But it's not just sleep. There's plenty more that goes into DeRozan's recovery regiment.

DeRozan said he's added elements to his recovery routine over the years. He's taking more Epsom Salt baths and incorporating electric stimulation sessions, recovery massages and plenty of stretching.

“A lot of mobility stuff,” DeRozan said. “I talk to trainers and ask them what they think will help with recovery. Understanding what to eat, what not to eat. I’m always curious and asking what will help me recover, what’s beneficial. And I’m always open-minded for it, working with the trainers.”

It's not an uncommon staple for a professional athlete to dive into their recovery. LeBron James notoriously spends around $1 million per year --- in his estimate --- on his personal recovery. While DeRozan probably doesn't go to those lengths, he does more than enough to keep his body running in top shape.

And that's been a vital piece for the Bulls, recently. As Zach LaVine, Torrey Craig and Nikola Vučević are all sidelined with separate injuries, DeRozan has been called upon for more work. This season, he ranks sixth in the NBA at 36.6 minutes per game.

“I’m concerned about that,” Donovan admitted. “I mean, he’s great. I talk to him all the time. But it’s kind of the situation we’ve been in with Torrey out, Vooch out and Zach out. I want to be mindful of that and always talk and communicate with him. He has played a lot of minutes and I probably need to look at that.”

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