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Michael Jordan's son reveals plans for wedding to Larsa Pippen

Marcus Jordan and Larsa Pippen dished about what their wedding might look like in a recent interview

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A wedding between Marcus Jordan and Larsa Pippen is apparently a question of "when" rather than "if."

After roughly one year of dating, the couple appeared on the "Pablo Torre Finds Out" podcast Tuesday to dish about their plans for marriage.

"It's in the works," Jordan said. "I don't think we have, like, a date. We're still talking about locations and party size and all of that stuff.

"So it's not really concrete yet. But it'll happen."

Pippen said a second marriage is likely in the cards for her but played it coy when asked if wedding bells were in the near future in a recent interview.

"I mean, maybe. I think so," she told E! News on Monday. "I liked being married. I liked marriage. I feel like it's great to be able to build with someone, plan the future with someone. And so marriage, to me, is kind of important."

Her first marriage, of course, was to six-time NBA champion and Chicago Bulls legend Scottie Pippen.

Marcus and Larsa admitted the optics of their romance are bizarre but made it clear that outside opinions won't stop the couple from tying the knot.

"F--- 'em," Marcus said of people who doubt the sincerity of their relationship. "That's kind of my mentality. I just feel like we complement each other in so many different ways. She's having a good day, I'm there to support her and vice versa. I feel like we're living in our truth and anybody that isn't happy about it can piss off."

"I know aesthetically it probably doesn't look good," Larsa said. "And I feel like when people see us together and hang out with us, they're like, 'it makes sense.' But I think just to hear of it, it doesn't resonate well with people.

"We clearly don't need to fake a relationship for over a year. Who would do that? I would never do that."

Whether or not Michael Jordan is on board is still a topic of debate, though Marcus certainly plans on his father being a big part of the nuptials, perhaps as his best man.

"I was the best man at [my dad’s] wedding, and I was the best man at my brother’s wedding," Marcus said. "Obviously, we’ll keep that tradition going, is my thoughts on it."

Now that Marcus is filming with with Larsa on "The Real Housewives of Miami," Bravo producers have been trying to convince the couple to tie the knot on camera.

"All the producers are inquiring around, 'when's the wedding? Are we going to film it on TV? yada, yada, yada,'" Marcus said. "And so that's another thing that we're kind of playing along with is whether or not it'll air.

"We're very private people, the Jordans. And so if it was up to me, I think we would do maybe multiple weddings. One private for our family and friends, and then maybe one that's a little more public. But I guess time will tell."

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