JJ Redick to DeMar DeRozan: ‘You're a sicko'


DeMar DeRozan dove into the specifics about his fourth-quarter heroics on JJ Redick's podcast, "The Old Man and the Three."

A conversation with the legendary boxer, Floyd Mayweather, helped DeRozan create his fourth-quarter strategy for turning on the jets. 

"I remember having a conversation with Floyd [Mayweather] and Floyd told me the way he beat up a lot of his opponents is later in the round he pay[s] attention to their breathing," DeRozan said. "So when the breathing gets heavier, he know that's the time to turn it up on them. So in the fourth quarter, I know this person tired. I hear it. So I had to muster up this side of energy that I got and just attack you. And that's how I always approach the fourth quarter."

To this, Redick responded hilariously: "You're a sicko."

DeRozan put up the most points in the fourth quarter last season in the NBA, recording 612 points (8.8 per game) in the last frame. He shot at the second-highest clip at 54 percent in those situations too. 

He knows exactly when to start turning things on from an offensive standpoint. The Bulls veteran waits for his opponent to weaken before he strikes, much like a dangerous predator. 

Why does DeRozan enjoy the fourth quarter and the pressure it brings? 

"I had a conversation one day with my therapist. We came to the conclusion I'm a thrill junkie," DeRozan said. "They just don't want that pressure. Fourth quarter - I want everything. The good, the bad, the ugly. I want everything that comes with it because to me, that's the most exciting time of the game."

If you're guarding DeRozan in the final frame, it might be worth quieting your breathing.

"From a conditioning standpoint, once I see you on your knees, once I see you tired in any type of way, I'm going to attack you," DeRozan said. 

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