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Here's how much money 2023 NBA Draft picks will make

Victor Wembanyama projects to have a first-year salary in the eight figures

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The NBA is about to add a major star.

Victor Wembanyama will officially become an NBA player when he hears his name called -- very likely first overall by the San Antonio Spurs -- at Thursday night's draft in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Wembanyama is the most hyped prospect since LeBron James back in 2003; and for good reason. The French phenom stands 7-foot-5, can create offensively like a wing player and protect the rim on the other end of the floor.

While the 19-year-old may not walk into the NBA as a top-10 player, it wouldn't be surprising at all if he's playing on All-Star Sunday in 2024.

So, how much money will Wembanyama earn as a rookie in 2023-24? Here's what to know about rookie contracts:

How do rookie contracts work in the NBA?

A player selected in the first round of the NBA draft signs what's known as a rookie-scale contract. Each first-round draft slot has an assigned rookie-scale figure based on the salary cap. A player can sign for anywhere from 80-120% of their respective rookie-scale figure.

A rookie-scale contract carries two guaranteed years with a team option for Years 3 and 4. If an extension isn't reached by the end of the fourth year, a team can extend a qualifying offer to make the player a restricted free agent.

A player drafted in the second round can be signed via cap space, an exception or a two-way deal. The minimum salary for a first-year player next season is $1.12 million.

How much money will NBA rookies make in 2023-24?

With a reported projected salary cap of $136 million next season, the No. 1 overall slot in this year's draft has a first-year rookie-scale value of $10.13 million, according to Wembanyama, however, will probably receive the maximum 120% of that amount, which is $12.16 million. He then could earn up to $12.77 million in Year 2.

Learn about French big man Victor Wembanyama, who is expected to be the first overall pick in the NBA Draft.

There's more than a $1 million dropoff from the first to second pick, as Scoot Henderson or Brandon Miller would project to have a first-year rookie-scale figure of $9.06 million as the No. 2 selection. The dropoff from second to third ($8.14 million) is a bit smaller.

Here's a full look at the projected first-year rookie-scale figures of each first-round draft slot, per

1st: $10,132,300

2nd: $9,065,600

3rd: $8,141,200

4th: $7,340,000

5th: $6,646,800

6th: $6,037,000

7th: $5,511,000

8th: $5,048,800

9th: $4,640,900

10th: $4,408,800

11th: $4,188,400

12th: $3,979,100

13th: $3,780,000

14th: $3,591,300

15th: $3,411,400

16th: $3,241,000

17th: $3,078,800

18th: $2,925,000

19th: $2,793,200

20th: $2,681,400

21st: $2,574,200

22nd: $2,471,300

23rd: $2,372,600

24th: $2,277,800

25th: $2,186,400

26th: $2,114,000

27th: $2,053,000

28th: $2,040,200

29th: $2,025,600

30th: $2,010,800

You can check out a year-by-year breakdown of the rookie-scale contracts for this year's class here.

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