Watch: Nikola Jokic's emotionless champagne pop after Nuggets' NBA Finals win

Someone tell Jokic you're supposed to be excited when winning the championship

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Winning a title usually means excited celebrations with champagne in the locker room.

Well, unless you're Nikola Jokic.

The two-time league MVP and now first-time Finals MVP had a historic postseason run en route to the Denver Nuggets winning the 2023 NBA title, their first in their 47-year franchise history.

The 28-year-old led all playoff players in points, rebounds and assists while averaging 30.2 points, 14 rebounds, 7.2 assists in the Finals alone. After Denver won Game 5 at home against the Miami Heat on Monday to clinch the title, emotions ran high all around Ball Arena.

Except for one moment involving Jokic. As the Nuggets gathered in the locker room to pop champagne and celebrate, Jokic was seen on the broadcast away from the team and popping a bottle with completely zero emotion in a hilarious video:

The full video saw Jokic drinking from the bottle for a few seconds before placing it back on a table as the camera cut to the more animated Nuggets' players bathing in the champagne. Then it cut back to Jokic's amusing moment.

Perhaps Jokic's reaction isn't too surprising given he had been voicing his desire to go home for a while.

Right after the final buzzer sounded, Jokic told ESPN in an immediate on-court postgame interview that the "job is done, we can go home now."

Then in his postgame presser, he was asked if he was looking forward to the championship parade. He looked over to the public relations team on the side of the podium for an answer before being told it was on Thursday. He then facepalmed and said, "No, I need to go home."

After the parade, Jokic will have plenty of time to go back to Serbia for the next few months and celebrate everything he and the Nuggets achieved this season: getting to go home.

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