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NCAA Football video game to return this summer

The game hasn't been updated with a new version since 2013

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Yeah, it's happening.

EA Sports is bringing back their NCAA Football video game, a game that hasn't been renewed since 2013, when the NCAA released "NCAA Football 14."

Here's the official teaser trailer for the game: "EA Sports College Football 25."

EA Sports ended the title in 2014 when litigation concerns arose about the players' names, images and likenesses (NIL). EA Sports, back then, offered to use the players' specific profiles in the games, but the NCAA declined.

Now, with concrete NIL rules in place that allow collegiate athletes to profit off of their name, image and likeness, the video game is officially back. EA Sports announced back in February 2021 that they would eventually resurface a new version of the game. Now, it's officially happening.

According to EA Sports' X (formerly known as Twitter) bio, the full game reveal will come in May. The video game itself will officially come out sometime in the summer.

According to The Athletic, several popular elements of the previous NCAA Football games are expected to be present in the new game.

"Dynasty and Road To Glory modes are expected to be emphasized heavily once again. The transfer portal and an expanded playoff are likely to be included, and the game will have an unprecedented amount of detail, from stadium angles, music, jerseys and more," The Athletic wrote.

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