Chicago Bears

Chicago sports teams support Pride parade with fun floats

There were appearances from fan-favorite mascots to team owners

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Many of Chicago’s teams came together to show their support at the city’s Pride Parade on Sunday. That included appearances from team owners to fan-favorite mascots.

Benny the Bull is one of the most recognizable, if not the singular most famous mascot in the world. So it’s no surprise that his appearance in a rainbow afro wig drew cheers from the crowd. Tough act to follow for the folks wearing Bulls shirts in the float behind Benny's.

Not to be outdone, White Sox mascot Southpaw opted to celebrate Pride shirtless. He also showed off some impressive dance moves.

Typically you don't see mascots bare-chested. But the shirtless look is not Southpaw’s most risqué appearance. He posted this nude (?) photo on Instagram back in April.

The Bears brought their top brass to Pride, with chairman George McCaskey and president/CEO Kevin Warren joining in the festivities to show their support.

We didn’t see any fan photos from the Blackhawks’ float, but the team posted a photo of their “Glamboni” on Friday.

The Cubs weren’t spotted at the Pride Parade this year, but they’ve attended in the past. Last year, Cubs board member and Cubs charities board chair Laura Ricketts walked in the parade with a contingency from the organization.

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