Word on the Street: Where's Williams?


Saturday, Sept. 24, 2011
CSNChicago.comWhere's Williams?Wide receiver Earl Bennett is out for Sunday's game with a chest injury. The Bears need Roy Williams to step in and step up. Williams could be part of a dynamic duo on Sunday with Dane Sanzenbacher. Sanzenbacher seems to be able to adapt well to any situation. Williams said he feels no pressure going into Sunday's game against the Packers.(Chicago Tribune)M.J. is still balling
Michael Jordan made 30.1 million in the 1996-97 season and 33.1 million in the season after that. After his basketball career, Jordan has managed to bring in 60 million annually. He's maintained a good work ethic and having a clean lifestyle doesn't hurt, either. (ProBasketball Talk)Guillen talks about the futureWhite Sox coach Ozzie Guillen asked for an extension on his contract with the understanding that he could be turned down. General manager Ken Williams said there will be enough time to talk about Guillen's position. Williams also may have insinuated Mark Buehrle's time may be done on the South Side when he said it's possible the Sox won't be adding to the payroll next season. (Chicago Sun Times) MLB will most likely add Wild CardIf the MLB adds one Wild Card team in each league, then one game playoffs will be held to decide which team goes to the Divisional Series. The new system will begin prior to 2013 at the latest. The MLB also reportedly wants 15 team leagues. (Hardball Talk)

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