3 reasons why Bears DB thinks Justin Fields will be great


All throughout the draft, OTAs and mandatory minicamp we’ve heard about a laundry list of reasons why Justin Fields could be an elite quarterback in the league whenever it’s his time to take over starting duties for the Bears. He’s got a great deep ball, he’s a quick learner, he has the work ethic and drive to be a star, and of course, he’s supremely confident in his abilities.

In an interview with Kieq on the Mic Podcast, Bears rookie cornerback Thomas Graham said that as a defender going against Fields, many of those qualities shine through.

“I think one of the best qualities for him is his confidence,” Graham said on the podcast. “He walks around with that swagger that’s just like, ‘Yeah, this is my quarterback.’ He wouldn’t have gotten picked where he was at, at the position he was at, if he didn’t have the skill level, so we already kind of know where that comes.

“Then, his willingness to learn, because he’s someone who I actually hang out with here. We just talk about practice, what he’s seeing on this throw, what made him throw that, kind of to help me. Then I let him know, ok, this is how I was playing it, or disguising it to make you think that. His willingness to actually listen in, and doing things to make not just himself better, but everybody else around him better. That’s what you want in a quarterback.”

Of course that confidence, competitiveness and developing relationship with Graham has led to some practice trash talk too.

“I’ve never really had a quarterback that will talk to us back,” Graham said. “We’ll be talking, messing with each other, and he’s gonna respond back. I love that, you feel me? He embraces the competition. He’s like, ‘Alright, you got me this rep,’ or, ‘You’re lucky I threw that, I let you off with a bad ball.’ We just talk mess to each other.

“It’s very fun to be able to have that, somebody who not just loves the game as much as you, but someone who’s got that chip on their shoulder just like you do.”

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