‘Bear-raid' siren eliminated from Soldier Field


The "Bear-raid" siren played on kickoffs and key defensive plays will no longer be used at Soldier Field, one official told Colleen Kane of the Chicago Tribune

If you've forgotten what the blaring siren sounds like, here's a piece of audio to refresh your memory. 

According to Kane, the siren debuted in 2018 during a 15-6 Bears win over the Los Angeles Rams, which was a war of attrition if memory serves Bears fans correctly. 

But, to new requests for the Bears' gameday operations for 2022, the siren will no longer be used. The team hasn't played it once this season, even during the Bears' lone preseason game at Soldier Field. 

The Bears even played the siren in 2020, when fans weren't allowed to attend games. 

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