DJ Moore

DJ Moore demonstrates admirable leadership amid Justin Fields' head injury

After a destructive hit, Moore helped Fields off the field late in the game

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Finding positives from the Bears' blowout loss to the Chiefs is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

But one needle was easily visible late in the game.

After Justin Fields took a brutal hit to the head, he was left stumbling on the field. One of his newest teammates, and one of the team's captains, DJ Moore, stepped in to help Fields off the field. Moore made sure Fields didn't try to continue playing.

It was a true leadership move by the wide receiver.

The Bears ended up kicking a field goal.

The NFL upped their concussion rules last season after Tua Tagovailoa remained in a game with a concussion. Any symptoms of dizziness or stumbling, by rule, qualify a player to be automatically removed from the game. Fields abided by this rule, but his reappearance was met with criticism.

Fields came back into the game on the ensuing drive, leading the Bears to a late-game, garbage-time touchdown. However, his reentry to the game didn't come without skepticism from outsiders.

Head coach Matt Eberflus rebutted the flak he got for letting Fields play.

"He was cleared, right?" head coach Eberflus said Sunday after the 41-10 loss at Arrowhead Stadium. "He came out. We were going for it on fourth down there, but he came out so I decided to kick the field goal, right? And then he was cleared and he was ready to go."

On Monday, Eberflus confirmed that Fields is good to go after the shot to the head.

"He came through OK," Eberflus said Monday at Halas Hall. "Took the big hit. But, again, he was ruled fine. Nothing was done there. Came back in, had that nice drive at the end. I thought we operated a good two-minute, on-the-ball type of offense. And that was good by him."

Rookie cornerback Tyrique Stevenson also left the game during the first quarter after hitting his head while tackling Chiefs running back Isiah Pacheco. Stevenson took a shot to the head on the tackle and then banged his head on a camera when he landed.

The rookie corner went to the sideline to get checked out for one play before returning to game action. But Stevenson would later leave the game to be evaluated for a concussion. Stevenson was later ruled out of the game with an illness, but Eberflus said Monday that there was no concussion test for Stevenson.

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