Justin Fields

Ex-NFL quarterback releases 2-hour long film breakdown of Justin Fields

J.T. O'Sullivan continues to delve deep into Fields' tape

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J.T. O'Sullivan, the brilliant football mind behind the successful YouTube channel "The QB School" released his longest video to date on Tuesday.

It's a film breakdown of Justin Fields from his game against the Broncos. And it's over two hours long. It's only available to subscribers of O'Sullivan's community on Patreon.

O'Sullivan has done two prolonged videos for Fields, already. After Week 1, O'Sullivan broke down Fields' tape for a little over an hour. An hour-and-a-half followed after Week 2.

Now, he's getting into Christopher Nolan territory with the time, making over two hours of Fields content.

Former Bears quarterback Chase Daniel also published his own breakdown of Fields' tape on YouTube. This video is a little easier to swallow, ending after 28 minutes of breakdowns.

Fields threw for his first game passing over 300 yards in his career. He tossed the rock for 335 yards and four touchdowns, recording one interception late in the fourth quarter. He completed 28-of-35 passes and rushed for an additional 25 yards.

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