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Fans beg Bears to hire Jim Harbaugh as head coach

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Bears fans watched with stars in their eyes as Jim Harbaugh hoisted the CFP National Championship trophy Monday night.

Speculation about Harbaugh returning to the NFL has been a recurring offseason storyline since he took the head coaching job at Michigan in 2015. This time, the question looms larger than ever. Defeating Washington 34-13 in the National Championship game with his alma mater, Harbaugh did what he set out to do at the University of Michigan. A storybook ending paired with the fact that he recently hired famed NFL agent Don Yee could signal the legendary coach is ready for a new chapter.

Ready for a new chapter, too, are Chicago Bears fans.

Yes, head coach Matt Eberflus righted the ship after an 0-4 start to finish the season with seven wins. That late-season "success" — if you're the type to consider a 7-6 record against a slew of mediocre quarterbacks "success" — might be good enough for the Bears' front office, but it's not good enough for the fans. Especially not after watching the Green Bay Packers earn a playoff berth in their 10th-straight win over the Bears on Sunday.

Bears fans are desperate for the organization to raise its standards. And on Monday, a man dripped in confetti wearing Cartier sunglasses on a stage in Houston was their sliver of hope.

These were some of the best pleas we saw on social media from fans to bring Harbaugh to Chicago:

Money does buy happiness... if you have enough.

When Harbaugh finds out the Bears have the No. 1 pick, it's over for you clowns.


Just say the word, and we'll start constructing the statue.

Throw us a frickin' bone, here.

Defensive pessimism is a coping mechanism.

And when Harbaugh crushes that dream, we'll dream about it some more.

Squint, and it's Jim.

Sometimes, you must let a higher power take the wheel.

The league is nowhere near ready for this type of juice.

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