Lucas Patrick

Here are the motivational words Lucas Patrick gave Tyson Bagent before his first NFL start

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The Bears mic'd up Lucas Patrick before their game against the Las Vegas Raiders on Sunday.

And he shared some strong, motivational words to Tyson Bagent before the undrafted, Division II rookie quarterback began his first NFL start. This type of leadership will make you proud to be a Bears fan.

"You're here for a f------ reason," Patrick said. "Show the f------ world ... I got your back all day."

Patrick is quite the vocal leader. All game, he's in his teammates' ears on the field and on the sidelines. He's one of the team's leaders in the locker room, certainly.

He helped a terrific offensive line performance for the Bears against the Raiders. The offensive line helped Bagent & Co. to 323 total yards of offense. They ran for a whopping 173 yards, which isn't possible without strong offensive line support.

Mic'd-up moments are the best. And these are entertaining.

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