Jaquan Brisker

Jaquan Brisker urges fans to be ‘patient,' refrain from early boos

The Bears safety wasn't pleased with Bears fans booing them early in the game

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One of the most highly anticipated Bears games in a long while, the Bears-Packers Week 1 contest marked the hope for a new era, a new team and a "new leaf" for Chicago's football team.

And when the fans' hopes were met with a dumpster fire performance against their biggest adversary, fans let the Bears know how they felt. Early. Fans at the game, including myself, booed the Bears for myriad reasons.

Bad playcalling, bad blocking, bad defense, bad quarterback play, and --- in some cases --- bad effort.

Bears safety Jaquan Brisker advises fans to be patient with the team, and only boo when it's appropriate.

"Don't get me wrong when I say this or don't take it the wrong way," Brisker started on Bernstein & Holmes on 670 The Score. "The booing early, maybe like the first, second, third quarter, you know, that's tough. Bears fans should have our back a lot more and be patient. They came out to see us win ... the game's never over until it hits zero."

Let's look back.

On their first offensive drive, the Bears couldn't convert on 3rd & 1 and 4th & 1. On their third down attempt, they tried Cole Kmet for a sneak play. If you watch the tape, the Packers picked up the play with ease, crowding the inside gap.

The Packers, on the ensuing possession, marched down the field for an easy touchdown connection between Jordan Love and Romeo Doubs.

Two field goals and two punts later, the Bears were down 10-6 at halftime to the Packers. To Brisker's point, the Bears were not out of that game. Not even close. A four-point difference at home isn't much to overcome. It's what unfolded after halftime that caused the warranted boos.

The Packers scored three touchdowns in the third quarter. Are fans allowed to boo then? Following their third touchdown of the half, Justin Fields threw an interception touchdown, giving the Packers a 24-point lead. How about now?

Bears fans are a feisty bunch, certainly. You have to win their respect. It won't be easy, but it can be done.

But know this: Bears fans, while an animated bunch, aren't oblivious to the happenings on the field. They see the litany of screen passes. They see Chase Claypool's lackadaisical effort. They see Fields missing DJ Moore on wide-open routes.

So while the timing of said boos may not be appropriate, the reason behind them usually is just that.

Alas, the Bears see it differently. That's all fine and well. But you need to show Bears fans why they should be cheering.

"We got booed very early when the game wasn't over, we were still in it. If they just be a little more patient with us and just have our back," Brisker said.

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