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Kyle Long apologizes to Stephen A. Smith for cringey drunken encounter

Kyle Long suffered long-term hangxiety from one awkward encounter with ESPN's Stephen A. Smith

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Kyle Long, former offensive lineman for the Chicago Bears, came clean about an embarrassing interaction he had years ago with ESPN's Stephen A. Smith at a Super Bowl party.

The three-time Pro Bowler confronted Smith about some disparaging comments he made in public about his then-teammate Jay Cutler. Long detailed the drunken encounter on Saturday's episode of his brother's podcast, "Green Light with Chris Long."

"One of my biggest regrets in life involves Stephen A. Smith, and it's something that I think about often," Kyle Long said. "It's one of those things where you'll be laying in bed, and you're reminded of something you did that was embarrassing. And you’re like, 'F---, is this a bad dream?'"

Long was about "12 beers deep" when he interrupted Smith in the middle of a conversation to defend his quarterback, saying something along the lines of, "Jay Cutler says hello."

"He [Smith] gave me that look like, 'You are a f------ idiot,'" Long said

Long then apologized to Smith for the cringe-worthy encounter.

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