Darnell Mooney

Should the officials have let this play continue for Darnell Mooney?

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On the opening play of the Bears' first drive, Tyson Bagent connected with Darnell Mooney for a 41-yard gain.

But, was Mooney ever touched down? Check out the video from NBC's broadcast.

You can clearly see Asante Samuel Jr. (No. 26) stopped shortly after Mooney came down with the ball. He looked backward and didn't make an effort to down Mooney.

There also was a phantom whistle on the play, as the broadcast didn't hear one on the field.

"The rule is, once he gets control and he's touched, then he's down by contact," NBC's rules specialist Terry McAulay said. "But he wasn't. Like you said, we didn't hear a whistle. We're not sure how this got stopped."

Should this have been a touchdown? Or, at least a further gain for the Bears?

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