Bears' Ted Ginn Jr. predicts winner of Mitch Trubisky-Nick Foles competition


Everyone in Chicago has their own vision of how the coming Bears QB1 battle is going to pan out. Some have hitched their wagon to the Mitch Trubisky Returns narrative, and some have decided that Nick Foles won a Super Bowl once so obviously he'll do it again. The rest are furiously googling Justin Fields Bears Jersey? followed by a deep sigh. 

At this point the only people that *haven't* publicly picked sides are all employed by the Bears. Until now! How exciting. Bears' new deep threat Ted Ginn Jr. went on NFL network's Good Morning Football and sort of, kind of, officially gave a prediction:

For whatever it's worth, this isn't the first time this offseason that Ginn's talked about Trubisky as the team's starters. During his introductory press conference with Chicago media members, he echoed the same sentiment: 

Well you know, I know Trubisky as being the starter. We’re going to come in and play under him and do what we can to help lead this team to win ball games. I know Nick Foles is a great quarterback behind him. MVP caliber guy. Took his team to a Super Bowl. He’s a perfect quarterback too. It’s not really up to me. It’s just up to me to go out and give those guys what I have to make them succeed, and whatever situation happens, that’s what happens. 

Calling Trubisky the starter but Foles 'a perfect quarterback too' is quite the vet move. 

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