Brad Childress, who *was* actually working for the Bears, is no longer working for the Bears


Hey! Did you know that Brad Childress used to work for the Bears? 

He came out of retirement, apparently, in 2018 to be an "offensive consultant" for the Bears, which sounds like prrrrretty good work if you can get it. 

But all good things must come to an end, as apparently Childress — who DID work for the Bears, we've learned — no longer works for the Bears. This is from's Mary Kay Cabot

Brad Childress has already told Bears coach Matt Nagy that he’s not returning in 2020 as his senior offensive assistant, presumably to retire, Childress told But he acknowledged there’s at least a remote possibility he’d come back to Cleveland and help his protege Kevin Stefanski in his first season as Browns head coach if he reaches out.

So ends the Brad Childress Era. We were told he was there, and now we're being told that he's not, and we all just have to believe that's the case. It's like the ending of Inception. Was this ever real? Only Brad Childress knows, and Brad Childress is gone now. Goodbye Brad Childress. 

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