Christian Jones jokes about coin toss mistake vs. Lions


Last week’s Bears game against the Lions was a slopfest throughout. There were plenty of penalties, mismanaged timeouts and questionable plays. But one of the strangest moments came before kickoff when Bears captain Christian Jones opted to defer on the coin toss, after the Lions had already deferred.

On Wednesday, Jones quipped as to what happened on the miscommunication on national TV.

“Just trying to entertain some people on Thanksgiving, you know?” Jones said. “Sometimes you gotta check the refs, man. They’ve been a little iffy this year. Make sure they’re on their toes a little bit.”

Joking aside, there have been some questionable calls that have cost the Bears points in critical situations this year. But in this instance, the refs were all over it.

By deferring, a team is saying they want to make the choice to receive the ball first in the second half, instead of the first half.

Jones did offer a straight answer as to what really happened on the coin toss, too.

“I was kind of chatting with one of my former teammates before the coin toss, so I heard him, but I didn’t really hear him (laughs). That’s kind of what happened there.”

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