Dent congratulates Quinn for breaking sack record


Robert Quinn is the new Bears record-holder for most sacks in a single season, and one of the first people to congratulate him was the man he passed on the leaderboard: Richard Dent.

Dent appeared with fellow Bears Hall of Famer Jimbo Covert from a sunny golf course to relay his commendations.

“Congratulations, Robert Quinn,” said Dent in the video. “I see you beat my record… Congratulations buddy, good luck.”

“Congratulations man, it’s fantastic,” said Covert.

While Dent seemed cheery in the video, Quinn relayed another conversation he had with the Super Bowl XX MVP.

“I think it was quite funny一 I think he said he had 17.5  and only started 10 games,” Quinn said. “So he let me know the company I was in.”

As for whether or not Quinn got any indication that Dent was genuinely excited for Quinn’s special season:

“Do anybody want their records broken?” Quinn said. “I think he was excited, but not really, you know?”

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