Does the Khalil Mack trade look better with the Bears getting a second-round pick back?


The price for the Bears to acquire Khalil Mack will be, as expected, steep. But it may not be as steep as you think. 

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported the Bears will trade their first-round picks in 2019 and 2020 to the Oakland Raiders, as well as a 2020 third-round pick and a 2020 sixth-round pick. In return, the Bears will get Mack, a 2020 second-round pick and a conditional 2020 fifth-round pick. 

In short: The Bears dealt away their first picks in the next two drafts, but moved up from a third-round pick in 2020 to a second-round pick and, depending on the conditions, could move up from a sixth-round pick to a fifth-round pick in 2020 as well. 

Still, any team would move a third-round pick and a sixth-round pick for a second-round pick in a draft. The price, then, is actually a little less than two first-round picks for Mack. 

The Bears traded their 2019 second-round pick to move back into the 2018 second round and draft Anthony Miller, so they will have the following draft picks over the next two years:

3rd round
4th round
5th round
7th round

2nd round
2nd round (from Oakland)
4th round
5th round
5th round (conditional from Oakland)
6th round
7th round

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