Fields ‘liked' Teven Jenkins sticking up for him


The Chicago Bears finally saw a bit of that mean streak from Teven Jenkins, a part of why he was drafted in the second round. After a borderline late hit on Justin Fields, Jenkins confronted a Minnesota Vikings defender and quickly found himself outnumbered.

After some pushing and shoving and a retaliatory swing from Jenkins, he was flagged for unnecessary roughness.

But it was nice to finally see someone on the field stand up for their quarterback.

"I told him I liked what he did there, and I appreciate him, but at the same time he's got to be smart," Fields told reporters after the game. "But I definitely love the mindset and I love him sticking up for me. I think that's what we need more of.

"But I just told him, I love it, but just do it between the whistle."

On the Football Aftershow, former head coach Dave Wannstedt said Fields was being a leader by supporting Jenkins after he supported Fields.

After the incident, fellow offensive lineman Germain Ifedi seemed to scold Jenkins for the penalty in real-time.

Alex Brown called out the offensive line for not coming to Jenkins aid sooner, and perhaps it would've prevented a penalty from happening.

"I would have liked to see all the offensive linemen over there," Brown said on the Football Aftershow. "And then I don't think they would have hit Teven. All he did was respond to him being hit and then he got the flag."

Brown also added there are some times you have to react, flags be damned.

"But in some cases on the field, the hell with the flag," Brown said. "You just hit my quarterback out of bounds. Your middle linebacker got kicked out of the game for hitting my quarterback helmet-to-helmet, but y'all don't respect my quarterback at all, like, I got a problem.

"So I need to let y'all know."

Lance Briggs noted there is a way to come to your teammates defense while also sending a message.

Fields hasn't gotten calls as he's taken abuse all season, including against the Vikings. Aside from that incident, there was a helmet-to-helmet hit while Fields was sliding that resulted in an ejection, and a Vikings defender landing on Fields with all his bodyweight.

Wannstedt said he thinks next week we'll see more offensive lineman coming to Fields' defense.

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