Here's what Reddit users really think about the Nick Foles trade


How does everyone actually feel about the Nick Foles trade? That's the top question Bears fans are asking among the Reddit community.

Per usual, the Reddit users were pretty chill about their responses, stating what they've read from other sports writers and waiting to form an actual opinion this fall if Foles gets the top job.

User dimrod (funny name) says, "I like the trade, especially since we were able to reconstruct his (Foles') contract. Admittedly I’m one of the few that still believes that Mitch can turn it around. And I think Foles can be a catalyst to get him there. That said, I totally embrace a QB competition and if Foles wins, so be it."

Another user, FonduPicard, is saying what we've all been thinking since sports have been postponed indefinitely: "Looking forward to football".

We all are, Fondu.

Other fans said the Bears will find out if the offensive struggles are due to Mitch Trubisky's inability to read the defense or Matt Nagy's play calling.

User ThatsNotRight123 said that out of all the quarterbacks that were available — Teddy Bridgewater, Andy Dalton, Cam Newton, Derek Carr, Foles and Tom Brady — that Foles would have been his second choice. He also says he's not fan of Ryan Pace, but says this is one of his better moves.

Hopefully we'll see a good QB competition this preseason (whenever that happens). Some said if Foles gets the job, the Bears should either keep Trubisky as a backup or trade to a team that wants him. I guess we'll find out this season on Bears Football 2020. Coming this fall.

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