How Colin Cowherd would fix the Bears


The Chicago Bears' search committee is lining up interviews for head coach and general manager left and right.

It's an important moment in Bears history to change the trajectory of the franchise. A lot is riding on these next two hires.

On his radio show, Colin Cowherd outlined how he'd fix various NFL teams, including the Bears.

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Step. 1, hire Doug Pederson as head coach. Pederson comes from the same Andy Reid coaching tree that Matt Nagy did, which rightfully brings about some hesitation. Pederson had more success with that offense and won a Super Bowl with the Philadelphia Eagles.

But whether or not a general manager should be hired first has been a hot-button point of discussion. Bears chairman George McCaskey said on Monday the team would ideally hire a GM first.

"I would hire Doug Pederson, specifically hired Doug Pederson first, because I trust Doug Pederson," Cowherd said. "Then I would go get a general manager.

"People often do the opposite. This is an organization that's living in the past now, the only franchise in league history without a four thousand yard passer."

Step 2 is rebuilding the front office to be more forward thinking. McCaskey pushed back when media pressed him on the need to build out football operations, with a division lead. McCaskey isn't prioritizing that and the general manager will report directly to the chairman instead.

A president of football operations would be there to hold a general manager accountable and question decisions. McCaskey said he was reluctant to give input on football decisions and described himself as "just a fan" in the same press conference.

So safe to say, Step 2 won't be one the Bears pass with flying colors.

And lastly Step 3, build around rookie quarterback Justin Fields. This is another thing McCaskey wouldn't outright say in his press conference when asked if a belief that Fields can be a franchise quarterback was a prerequisite for these hires.

"And then I would completely rebuild the offense. Whatever it takes for Justin Field," Cowherd said. "Their leading touchdown person this year, five touchdowns, (running back) David Montgomery.

"Their defense needs to be rebuilt. I do not care. Receivers, O-line, backs. You've got to build Justin Field's confidence and resume up."

He also noted that a division rich with defensive history has become more of an offensive arms race.

"You got Aaron Rodgers in that division," Cowherd said. "You've had good defenses for the last seven years. You've got to score points in this division with [Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk] Cousins and [Justin] Jefferson and [Adam] Thielen and Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams.

"Go heavy offense."

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